Neither 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (1/75)
nor the Department of Defense endorses the race car for this event


About two years ago, I sat with some Rangers and some fellow Ranger supporters at a back yard BBQ after enjoying a long day at Ranger Rendezvous. During a lull in the laughter, the roar of a distant race car at a nearby dirt track pierced the silence.  Moments later someone said, “let’s build a car that Rangers could race in Savannah.”  The idea was met with great enthusiasm.  Consequently, upon our return to Savannah, we began to look into building a car that could race at the nearby track.  In addition, a few phone calls were made to the local Ranger supporters and in short order; we had the funding necessary to begin the Ranger Race Car.  The ability to take the idea from concept to funding to fruition is truly a testament to the support that the Savannah community bestows upon their Rangers.

Our next step was to find a frame and a top notch builder to breathe life into the Ranger car.  Jonathan Jones of Southern Racing was already a big military supporter. So it was a natural fit when he stepped up and offered to help us give the project life.  With the build progressing, other local companies heard about the project and wanted to help out.  Pocket Media in Pooler, Georgia donated a complete wrap of the car with various Ranger logos to include listing all 1st Battalion Rangers who were KIA or in training since its inception on the trunk.   Daniel Defense donated a portable camera that mounted to the car and documented the race first hand.

The hope was to have the car up and racing much earlier in the year. But the Ranger’s deployment and training schedule provided only a few windows of opportunity.  Everything began to line up in mid-August. The car was complete; the guys were back from deployment and we found a Friday night  where everyone was free.  On August 24th, we raced.  Steve Holland was our driver.  He was supported by a crew of fellow Rangers in the pits.  The support we received behind the scenes at the track was tremendous. Everyone at the track was so supportive including some of the other race teams. Together, they helped us get to the right place at the right time taking time and out racing.  It was great witness so many members of the Savannah community take the time out to tell the guys, “Thank you for your service.” 

As race night drew to a close, we were told but the owner of the race track, “that while you may not have won the race, you certainly had the best fans!”  It was a proud moment when we looked up from the pits and saw close to 200 friends and family in the stands cheering on the 175 car along with the Savannah community at large.   Oglethorpe Speedway Park went out of their way to help us as well, The track rules say only two numbers allowed but they let us be 175 for the night.

The goal of this project was twofold:  First, we wanted to create an opportunity and an environment for the Rangers to have some good clean fun in the dirt.  And secondly, we wanted to find a way to say thanks to our Rangers and to let the community cheer on the home team in a unique way.  We believe that mission was accomplished.  RLTW


  Richard L. Schooley  



                                                         1/75 War Dog Monument

    Thank you Sua Sponte Foundation for sponsoring the 1/75 War Dog Monument. The official dedication will take place at a later date.
Our "Dogs of War" have saved many lives and have contributed to mission success. We honor their dedication and loyalty.